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  • How to think about… Evolution / 17 December 2014 / Michael Le Page / New Scientist, n.2999, p.40-41 — forget natural selection, survival of the fittest or any sense of purpose: evolution is just a random way to make freaks normal
  • How to think about… Relativity / 16 December 2014 / Richard Webb / New Scientist, n.2999, p.40 — it's been called the greatest theory ever devised -- we explain it using two spaceships, two clocks and a black hole
  • How to think about… Probability / 15 December 2014 / Richard Webb / New Scientist, n.2999, p.38 — Probability is one of those things we all get wrong… deeply wrong. The important thing is not to use your intuition.
  • How to think about… Deep time / 14 December 2014 / Graham Lawton / New Scientist, n.2999, p.37 — it's easy to measure time using human lifespans, but peering down the billions of years of Earth's history can give you vertigo
  • How to think about… The big bang / 14 December 2014 / Richard Webb / New Scientist, n.2999, p.37 — What came before the big bang, and what is the universe expanding into? Here are the physicists' shortcuts to visualising the unimaginable.
  • Bird Evolution Explodes / December 13, 2014 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — Did birds arrive in a ‘big bang’ of evolution, or is their explosive appearance yielding a scattered jetsam of Darwinian theories?

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