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Science News

Perspectives in these links are not necessarily endorsed by GRI.
  • Westminster Conference on Science and Faith / March 20-21, 2015 / Proclamation Presbyterian Church, Greater Philadelphia / Discovery Institute — Cosmos + Creator
  • E. O. Wilson: Religious faith is dragging us down / 27 January 2015 / Penny Sarchet / New Scientist, n.3005, p.28-29 — the extinctions we cause will kill us too, says the sociobiology pioneer -- the best thing would be to eliminate religions, though not human spiritual yearning
  • How to Respect a Crow / January 25, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — they’re black and noisy, but the more you learn about crows, the more you will appreciate them -- or at least respect them as you shoo them from your scarecrow
  • Double Trouble for Cosmology / January 24, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — two developments are converging to threaten the standard big bang model of the universe’s origin
  • Comet close-up reveals a world of surprises / 23 January 2015 / Eric Hand / Science, v.347, n.6220, p.358-359
  • Evolution Is Not a Goddess / January 23, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — a reporter wonders what evolution was thinking when it gave us allergies

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